Severodvinsk Live Cams

Shore of the White Sea, A. Zryachev Embankment, Primorsky Boulevard

Prosyankin Square


Pashayev Square

Stream from the roundabout Morskoy Prospekt – Pobedy Avenue

Parking near the City shopping center

Victory Square online

Web camera shows the skating rink (sports and recreation complex “Zvezdochka”)

Fairytale town in Factory Park

Live broadcast from the city center, Lomonosov Square

Crossroads of Lomonosov – Arkticheskaya streets

Severodvinsk live streaming web cameras

Severodvinsk, nestled along the shores of the White Sea, stands as a testament to Russia’s maritime heritage and industrial prowess. Located in the Arkhangelsk Oblast, this historic city has played a pivotal role in Russia’s naval history, serving as a hub for shipbuilding, exploration, and defense. Today, Severodvinsk offers visitors a unique blend of cultural attractions, natural beauty, and glimpses into the country’s naval traditions. From its historic shipyards and museums to its scenic waterfront and outdoor adventures, Severodvinsk beckons travelers to explore its hidden treasures.

1. Zvezdochka Shipyard:
Begin your journey through Severodvinsk at the Zvezdochka Shipyard, a historic facility that has been at the forefront of Russia’s naval industry for over 70 years. Founded during World War II, Zvezdochka has played a crucial role in the construction, repair, and modernization of Russia’s submarine fleet. Visitors can take guided tours of the shipyard to witness firsthand the process of shipbuilding and learn about the technologies and innovations that have shaped Russia’s naval capabilities.

2. Northern Naval Museum:
Delve into the maritime history of Severodvinsk at the Northern Naval Museum, which offers a comprehensive overview of Russia’s naval heritage in the Arctic region. Housed in a historic building near the city center, the museum features exhibits on the exploration of the Arctic, the development of Russia’s Northern Fleet, and the role of Severodvinsk in supporting naval operations. Visitors can explore interactive displays, models of ships and submarines, and artifacts from Russia’s naval history.

3. Monument to the Northern Convoys:
Pay homage to the brave sailors who navigated the treacherous waters of the Arctic during World War II at the Monument to the Northern Convoys. Located on the city’s waterfront, this striking monument commemorates the Allied convoys that transported vital supplies to Russia during the war, braving enemy attacks and harsh Arctic conditions. Visitors can pay their respects to the sailors who made the ultimate sacrifice and learn about the importance of the Arctic convoys in securing victory in the war.

4. Yagry Island:
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and explore the natural beauty of Yagry Island, located just a short ferry ride from Severodvinsk. This picturesque island offers pristine beaches, scenic hiking trails, and panoramic views of the White Sea. Visitors can enjoy picnicking on the shore, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, or birdwatching in the island’s lush forests. Yagry Island is also home to historic lighthouses, fortifications, and archaeological sites that offer insight into the region’s maritime history.

5. White Sea Coastline:
Take a leisurely stroll along the White Sea coastline and soak in the stunning views of the rugged coastline and shimmering waters. The waterfront promenade in Severodvinsk offers a perfect vantage point for watching ships come and go from the city’s port, as well as spotting seabirds and marine life. Visitors can also enjoy dining at waterfront cafes, sampling fresh seafood dishes, and browsing local shops for souvenirs and gifts.

In conclusion, Severodvinsk is a city steeped in maritime history and natural beauty, offering visitors a glimpse into Russia’s naval legacy and Arctic exploration. Whether you’re exploring historic shipyards and museums, relaxing on pristine beaches, or enjoying scenic views of the White Sea, Severodvinsk promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking to discover the hidden treasures of Russia’s northern coast. So why not plan a visit and embark on a journey through Severodvinsk’s rich maritime heritage?

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