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PTZ camera with a view of the central part of the city

Webcam SerbiaRoundabout, Slavia. Camera footage is updated automatically at a specified time interval


Webcam SerbiaRailroad station. The image is updated at some intervals

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Belgrade live streaming web cameras

Nestled at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade stands as a dynamic metropolis that seamlessly blends its rich history with modern vitality. As the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade boasts a diverse array of attractions that cater to every interest, from its ancient fortresses and historic landmarks to its lively cultural scene and vibrant nightlife. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to discover some of the top attractions that make Belgrade a captivating destination for travelers seeking to explore the heart of the Balkans.

Belgrade Fortress (Kalemegdan):
Perched atop a hill overlooking the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade Fortress is the city’s most iconic landmark and a testament to its long and storied history. Originally built by the Celts in the 3rd century BC, the fortress has been expanded and fortified by various civilizations over the centuries, including the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. Visitors can explore the fortress’s ancient walls, towers, and gates, as well as its well-preserved ruins, museums, and galleries. The sprawling Kalemegdan Park surrounding the fortress offers panoramic views of the rivers and the city skyline, as well as shady pathways, gardens, and sculptures.

Saint Sava Temple (Hram Svetog Save):
One of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, the Saint Sava Temple is a magnificent masterpiece of Serbian architecture and a symbol of the nation’s religious and cultural identity. Built on the site where Saint Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, was believed to have been buried, the temple features stunning marble interiors, intricate mosaics, and a towering dome that dominates the city skyline. Visitors can admire the church’s monumental façade, explore its ornate interior, and attend religious services or concerts held within its sacred walls.

Skadarlija Bohemian Quarter:
Step back in time and experience the bohemian spirit of Belgrade in Skadarlija, a charming cobblestone street lined with historic restaurants, cafes, and art galleries. Known as the city’s “Montmartre,” Skadarlija has been a gathering place for artists, poets, and musicians since the 19th century, attracting visitors with its laid-back atmosphere and traditional Serbian cuisine. Visitors can stroll along the street, dine al fresco on hearty Serbian dishes such as Ćevapi and Sarma, and enjoy live music performances and colorful street art.

Nikola Tesla Museum:
Dedicated to the life and work of the renowned Serbian inventor and scientist, the Nikola Tesla Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of electricity and technology. Housed in a historic villa that once belonged to Tesla’s family, the museum features exhibits showcasing his inventions, patents, and personal belongings, as well as interactive displays and demonstrations. Visitors can learn about Tesla’s groundbreaking contributions to science and engineering, including his development of alternating current (AC) electricity, and explore his visionary ideas for the future.

Ada Ciganlija Island:
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind in nature at Ada Ciganlija, a sprawling river island oasis located just a short drive from downtown Belgrade. Known as “Belgrade’s Sea,” Ada Ciganlija offers a wide range of recreational activities for visitors of all ages, including swimming, sunbathing, cycling, and water sports. The island is home to sandy beaches, lush forests, and scenic walking trails, as well as restaurants, cafes, and sports facilities. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, Ada Ciganlija provides the perfect setting for outdoor enjoyment in the heart of the city.

Belgrade, with its fascinating blend of history, culture, and modernity, offers visitors an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Serbia’s vibrant spirit. From the ancient walls of Belgrade Fortress to the majestic domes of Saint Sava Temple, the city’s attractions invite exploration and discovery at every turn. Whether wandering through the historic streets of Skadarlija, marveling at the wonders of the Nikola Tesla Museum, or soaking up the sun on Ada Ciganlija Island, visitors to Belgrade are sure to be captivated by its diverse charms and warm hospitality.

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